"Gagan Air is a company dedicated to providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximising returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees."

Gagan Air is Sri Lanka┬┤s leading internal airline and the only airline in Sri Lanka that operates helicopters, planes and sea planes.We will take care of all booking facilities and travel inquiries and suggest the best form of inland air travel to suit your individual needs- be it personal travel or corporate travel or even simply an aerial tour of Sri Lanka.In operation since 2005 and with over 36,000 passengers flown (and counting), our experience and expertise is unmatched by any other domestic airline.Starting with our meet and greet services on your arrival, our team will ensure you are swiftly transferred in exquisite comfort and safety to your final destination within Sri Lanka - whether it's an airport transfer to your resort, a site visit for your business or a fun excursion flight. With more than a decade of unmatched service, gagan Air has also been recognized and celebrated at the Presidential Tourism Awards.As Gagan air we offer only the very best air travel experiance in Sri Lanka that guarantee experienced crews and the best aircrafts.We invite you to browse through our site and look forward to welcoming you on board Simplifly.